“It’s a group of kids on a waiting list to go to jail.”

This is how one police officer bluntly described the youth crowd that had been hanging around the Mill Woods library and transit centre. While I might have a different outlook on the situation, I am not there every single day dealing with the constant frustration that the police, library staff, and transit staff deal with. Over the past year or so the stories coming from that neighbourhood have been increasingly concerning. We have heard stories spreading from our students at our youth centre, FOUNDATION, about the altercations and general negativity that seemed to loom over that area. The library is located in central Mill Woods and our youth centre is on the very far north end of Mill W

Things were looking worse with every passing minute...

The first 3 brake replacements had gone smoothly and the mechanic and youth mechanic were feeling confident. But that was 2 hours ago. It was getting late and things were looking worse with every passing minute. Our mechanic, Jason, was on his haunches examining the brake for his sixth time and the youth was pacing around the shop dying for a smoke. A few steps away stood the customer looking perplexed and understandably growing impatient. I have learned that this is where the rubber meets the road - or at least that was what we were hoping for. People’s true character comes out in times when things are looking bleak and those around you are growing impatient. Patience in problem solvin


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