I couldn't get my key to work...

On April 21 we hosted our 5th annual Mother’s Day Photoshoot with Stepping Stones! It is always such a blessing to be able to give these girls a day that is all about them. It is usually a day full of excitement and a little bit of chaos, and this year was no exception. We arrived at the church early on Saturday morning to set up and prepare for the girls and our makeup artist to arrive. The first issue arose when I tried to open the door and I couldn't get my key to work. Frantically we started trying to call people who could come and open the building up for us but nobody was answering. Quickly we sprung into action coming up with a plan b which involved moving the entire photoshoot from t

I Feel … “Powerful”

The last year has been hard for Jay. He’s always balancing the uncertainty of his dad’s on and off addiction and with rent on the rise, the unsettling threat of eviction . Just before the holidays, his grandma passed away. They shared a special relationship. She was a rock of stability in his life. Jay is one of our most regular attenders at The Vault Youth Centre, and he has the biggest heart of gold. If anyone has the potential to become a thriving servant leader, it's Jay. When he lost his grandma, The Vault remained a stable and safe community for him, but he quickly started finding excuses to skip out on school. He could be found wandering the mall when he should have been in school. If


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