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A Message from Daniel Clark

Serving at the Edmonton Young Offenders Centre for 3 years has really shown me how many youths don’t have safe, supportive communities and godly role models in their lives. Numerous teens, and even some youth in the church, lack hope and don’t have a defined purpose in life which leads them into lives of complacency, despair or, in some cases, a life of crime. The increase in substance use, suicides, and just a general sense of hopelessness since the start of COVID-19 restrictions clearly demonstrate the need (especially now) for supportive, caring mentors and the hope of Jesus Christ to transform the lives of youth.

As I have served youth in various ministries over the years, God has shown in my life how godly role models can impact the lives of youth. Although I became a Christian at a young age, I only began to significantly grow in my relationship with Jesus when other older godly men modelled to me what it looks like to follow Jesus Christ and intentionally supported, encouraged, and challenged me as a youth. Personally experiencing how God has transformed my life through these mentoring relationships has inspired me to likewise intentionally invest in the lives of youth.

I specifically feel called in this season of my life to come alongside young guys who attend Youth Unlimited programs. Because Youth Unlimited works in poorer and disadvantaged communities, youth often lack father figures and godly male role models. Having experienced the value of mentorship in my adolescent years, I hope to fulfill this need by supporting young guys in their struggles, sharing the reasons for the hope that I have in Jesus Christ (1Peter 3:15), and striving through the grace of God to model biblical manhood to these youth.

I want to invite you to partner with me in this exciting work. Your partnership supports these valuable mentoring relationships and makes an impact on the lives of these youth. If you have any questions or want to talk about this opportunity, please reach out and I would be more than happy to discuss this further.

Daniel Clark

Partner with Daniel Clark, and give a gift HERE. Be sure to select that you want your donation to go to "Youth Programming by Daniel Clark".


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