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A Message from Faith Volk

Hello, greetings, and blessings to all! My name is Faith, and I am so joyous to be gifted this opportunity to be able to connect with you and tell you about my passion for working with our youth. My role here at YUE is to support the young culture in striving for positive life elements through adopting love, hope, and unlimited amounts of potential. What brought me here today stems way back as I have always looked up to youth workers from a young age as they invested their time in me, showing dedication and creating lifelong relationships I still carry with me today. My brother and I went to many youth groups and camps as kids, and it was one of the activities that brought us closer together as siblings.

One day when my youth ministry approached me about being a part of their youth mission to set out and live our lives for other people, I knew that God was calling for me. He wanted to show me how to be fortunate and helped guide me on where my time should be invested showing me the person he created for this earth. I was so wrapped up in myself and living for me that it wasn’t until I embarked on a mission trip to Peru through the church ministry that it became clear he was calling me to youth work. It was the joy these children were able to teach me and lessons in life I could never have gotten without him bringing me here.

Through my experiences, I have first-hand seen and been a part of the impact an organization can have, much like how YUE has impacted the lives of hundreds of youth by providing needed services. By investing time into the young culture we provide holistic care, mentoring relationships and are able to create a safe haven for all youth to flourish and grow. I ask you to join with us in being a part of something bigger than yourself and ‘go with God’ in guiding your contributions to Youth Unlimited.

YUE would not be what it is today without the amazing support we have as well. I am a big believer that in order for anyone to give their full supporting potential they must have a support system themselves. I am reaching out to ask for your supportive relationship spiritually and financially. I seek out your prayers for me and the youth on this journey and financial support to be able to provide for the youth who are in the dire need of such services. We take pride in the relationships we build as they are our supports who help us guide and spread our light throughout the darkness endured on youth.

Partner with Faith Volk, and give a gift HERE. Be sure to select that you want your donation to go to "Youth Programming by Faith Volk".


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