Evicted and Alone

January 9, 2017

“This year has been a roller coaster. My entire life had been turned upside down and I had lost all control. I reached out for help, and like always Stepping Stones was there holding my hand. Knowing that I have support any time I need it has been a huge relief. I know that Stepping Stones is there for me and my son no matter what life throws at us.”


This was recently said to me by a young mom, Tara, as we were talking about the last year.

Tara has been through a lot over the past 12 months. She started going to school but when her relationship broke down she began a downward spiral in mental health. She was forced to drop out of school, trying to manage her mental health while also parenting a 3 year old. At only 22 years old this was all so much for Tara. She hit her lowest point last summer when she almost overdosed. She was feeling very alone, she had no food in her house and she was being evicted. 


Together I walked this road with Tara and helped her start to believe in herself again. She made the hard decision to have her mom watch her son while she got back on her feet. Unfortunately her mom took advantage of the situation and tried to take guardianship away from Tara, forcing her to face her mom and fight to get her son back.

This is where Tara is now, choosing every day to take steps forward even when life tries to push her backwards. She is dealing with her mental health head on and is fighting every day for herself and her son. And because of Stepping Stones, she doesn’t have to do it alone. I can’t wait to share more of Tara’s story with you as she grows this year. 



Stepping Stones Program Director




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