Why 29?

January 20, 2017


God is so good. I love how meticulously specific God is and working with at-risk teens in North Edmonton proves that to me over and again.


For the past couple years we’ve hosting a Christmas banquet for the kids of The Cellar Youth Centre, as well as, their families. This year we really wanted to bless our kids with a gift to open at the banquet but, unfortunately, we didn’t really have the budget we were hoping for.


The Cellar team began spreading the word that we were looking for gifts to give on that night and pretty shortly after we heard back from one of our contacts. A lady that our staff person, Aislinn, has known for years said she’d put something together for us.


The day came where Aislinn picked up the gifts and we were all blessed to see this lady had put together 29 gift bags filled with all kinds of treats like, gift cards, socks, mittens, etc.


Although we were absolutely blessed to receive these gifts to give out, we couldn’t help but wonder about this lady deciding on “29” as the number of bags to give. Why not 30? Why not 25? But no, 29 it was.


The banquet came and as kids and their families began arriving we started to worry that we wouldn’t have enough gift bags. The tables were filling up fast and The Cellar began to feel a little chaotic.


While our guests were eating The Cellar decided to take a head count of all the kids who arrived in case we had to quickly come up with a new plan regarding the gift bags.


Can you guess how many kids arrived to the banquet?

That’s right! Twenty-nine kids!


God is absolutely amazing. He knew exactly how many kids would come, how many gift bags we’d need, and despite our doubts and fears He was able to bless 29 kids with gifts.


I can’t wait to see what God does next year!

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