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Youth Unlimited sees the hope and potential in every young person.

Our vision is to be a primary influence within the youth culture of the capital region, in order to foster the transformation of the negative elements of the culture into a culture of love, hope, realized potential, and positive social action.

We want to see the marginalized accepted; the needy helped; the victimized restored: the type of work that was exemplified by Jesus.
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Helping Edmonton's youth to discover their unlimited potential and to use that potential to positively influence themselves, their peers, their schools, and their communities.


Youth Unlimited Edmonton is made up of a team of dedicated and compassionate youth specialists who have a desire to share life with and walk alongside teens as they explore their potential and discover hope for themselves and their communities.


Youth Unlimited invests in the lives of youth by providing Holistic Care, Mentoring Relationships, Safe Communities, and Opportunities to Give Back.


Youth Unlimited values and serves all teens as equals, regardless of their faith, culture or circumstance. We provide barrier-free support to all youth in each of our programs.


Our Community Youth Workers desire to reflect the same love and grace of Jesus Christ that they have personally experienced, with the youth they encounter. Our goal for youth is not simply prevention, but positive transformation.



We believe that intentional relationship is the starting point for significance and change. Our youth, partners, and team members are more to us than a “Client”, a “Number” or a “Tool”. We value building deep, long lasting and meaningful relationships with everyone we encounter.


We believe that innovation is the key to making meaningful connections with youth today. We are willing to break the mould in order to serve youth,  provide them with the best opportunities available and introduce them to a loving God.


Our desire is to see the lives of youth positively transformed. Through the relationships we build and the activities we engage in, we long to see young lives changed for the better as they encounter Jesus and enter into a new way of  life.


As pillar of our greater community for over 40 years, Youth Unlimited Edmonton has played a vital role in transforming lives of young people in the Edmonton area.


Youth For Christ is an international, faith-based charity active in 133 countries worldwide, reaching over 5.1 million youth annually. YFC Canada, operating as Youth Unlimited (YFC), has 31 chapters in over 200 communities with more than 700 staff and 3500 volunteers. Over the years, millions of young lives have been impacted by Youth Unlimited (YFC). Each chapter has a registered charitable number and is governed by a local board and Executive Director. In addition, each chapter of Youth Unlimited develops programs that strive to meet the unique needs of youth in their community.


Specifically, Youth Unlimited has a rich and strong history that dates back to the 1940's. We started primarily as a large Christian event-oriented mission, and have evolved over the years into a relational and holistic youth-oriented organization, dedicated to meeting teens where they are at and journeying with them through life, discovering hope and potential.

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