Aaron Brink
Communications Manager
Courtney Basuric
The Cellar//The Vault Youth Centres
Daniel Ripmeester
Millwoods TC Drop-In
Emily Smith
The Cellar//The Vault Youth Centres
Emma Kitson
TC Drop-In
Gabe Piska
Outreach Worker
Gary Higgs
Executive Director
Jen Krause
The Cellar Youth Centre
Maren Morton
The Cellar Youth Centre
Pamela Smith
Office Administrator
Shaina Roesler
The Cellar//The Vault Youth Centres
Sheena Groat
Millwoods TC Dropin Coordinator
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Youth Unlimited Edmonton
Box 42051, Millbourne RPO
Edmonton, AB T6K 4C4,

 +1 (780) 437-3000


Youth Unlimited Edmonton/YFC is a local chapter of Youth for Christ Canada // Youth for Christ Canada is one of 133 member countries of YFC International.


Canadian Registered Charity #: 108228362 RR0001

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