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Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for teenagers.

71% of fatherless children drop out of high school


93% of boys are exposed to Internet pornography before the age of 18

In the past decade, there was a 60% increase in youth hospitalizations for mental health concerns.

51% of teen girls say they feel pressure to take and send explicit photos of themselves

There are 50,000 at risk youth in Edmonton

*At risk youth are adolescents who are less likely to transition successfully into adulthood and achieve economic self-sufficiency. They often lack the ability to become a positive and contributing member of society and are prone to a life of crime.


These students require temporary or ongoing intervention in order to succeed academically and otherwise.

Prevention or Intervention?

This does not have to be their story.
Youth Unlimited sees the hope and potential in every young person.
Our vision is to be a primary influence within the youth culture of the capital region, in order to foster the transformation of these current negative elements of the culture into one of love, hope, realized potential, and positive social action.
We're working to see the marginalized accepted; the needy helped; the victimized restored: the type of work that was exemplified by Jesus.
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