"I was ready to cancel everything..."

April 28, with just one week to go before we were supposed to have our Annual Mother’s Day Photoshoot, we had no space and no photographers. These things are very important for a photoshoot. Panic was setting in and I was honestly ready to cancel everything, postpone it for another day. Instead I prayed, and had someone join me in prayer and then made a post on social media asking for volunteers one last time.

In a matter of minutes I had 2 photographers on board and ready to help!

Within a couple days I had another photographer tell me she was on board! All we were missing was a space and on the Tuesday before the photoshoot we had a space confirmed! Everything fell into place and we were ready to go for Saturday afternoon. Saturday afternoon came and 8 young moms and their kids all showed up to our Foundation Youth Centre space, the weather was sunny and beautiful and there was such an excitement in the air. This event is something that the young moms in Stepping Stones look forward to every year and this is our 5th year being able to provide them with a special day and special pictures that are all for them and all about them. Our makeup artists showed up and soon we were ready and headed to a park just down the street to have some amazing pictures taken. It was a wonderful afternoon spent together in the sun and such a blessing for our young moms!


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