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Our most effective COVID program yet.

Ever had a problem with food security? A lot of us don't. Maybe you aren't even familiar with the term.

Food security is really all about a person being able to have access to enough food to meet their basic needs. We are no longer surprised at drop-ins when we are serving a meal and we hear one of our youth comment that this is their first meal of the day. At 4:00pm???

This is a less than ideal situation, and it has only gotten worse since Covid restrictions. What is solution?

A couple of our staff decided to start a Cooking Club for their youth.

Our new Online Cooking Club is the most effective Covid-Safe youth initiative we have offered to youth to date.

I'm getting in touch today because we are so thrilled with the impact of this program that we are hoping you will help to expand it so more struggling youth and families in Edmonton will be reached.

With generous partners like you, the program could expand to add a Northside Cooking program, and increase the number of youth attending each session to 15. Increasing the impact by 200%

The cost for the expanded program is $600 per week ($7200 for 12 weeks), which adds 20 youth to the Cooking Club. Only $30 per lesson with food for the whole family delivered to their door.

Would you consider addressing the food security issue with a gift today that will help feed an Edmonton teenager and their family? All you have to do is click here:

It's that easy for you to make a difference today.

Thanks in advance!


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