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Youth Unlimited Edmonton’s Campus Life program combines healthy mentoring relationships with creative activities on and off school campuses, to help young people make good choices, establish a solid foundation for life, and positively impact their schools and communities. Campus Life encourages a balanced life – mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially.


-To connect with teens in the places they’re at the most. Their schools and communities!


-To Provide high quality, safe and relevant spaces for teens to spend time with their friends and grow holistically.


-To provide caring, mentoring and inclusive adult relationships to teens from all backgrounds.


-To become a trustworthy resource to teens in their schools and communities.


-Assisting youth in making wise choices in relationships and others.


-Encourage youth to stay in school and do the best they can do.


-Challenge them to go beyond their comfort zone in all of their accomplishments.


-To teach teens the value of helping others, and provide many opportunities for them to get involved in giving back to their community.


-Our Community Youth Workers are present in several schools around the city doing everything from meeting with students during the lunch hour, to coaching sports teams and assisting in classrooms. You can currently find us in: W.P Wagner High, Victoria School of the Arts, Killarney Jr. High, Rosslyn School and many more!


-Teens can find community and some encouraging conversation in our in[focus] and in[common] girls and guys groups, held weekly in Jr. and Sr. High schools across the city.


-After school hours, Campus life has 3 different youth drop-in centres that provide a fun and safe place for teens to spend their evenings.

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