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Centre Description
Youth Unlimited is creating safe spaces for teens in Edmonton with our dynamic community youth centres.
2101 Millbourne Rd W.
13407 97 St
6505 140 Ave

 Located in the hearts of communities around the city, our centres provide alternatives of hope to youth and their families through caring relationships and developmental opportunities for the whole person.

We maintain a safe, positive and welcoming atmosphere where teens can find community, acceptance and belonging, free of judgement or fear of harm. All of our centres are barrier free, and welcome to ANY teen. And best of all, our centres are always FREE of cost!


In our Centres, teens can expect to find a a team of caring community youth workers who are present to help in any way they can, from homework help to intentional mentoring relationships, or simply to just shoot some pool with. We believe that the teens we work with are of unlimited worth, so we strive to provide them with the highest quality of activities to enjoy, including video projection gaming rooms, table games like pool and ping pong, fitness equipment, high end music sound systems, recording studios, “jam” rooms, and more! We also strive to offer exciting and unique opportunities for teens to discover their gifts and passions though field trips, service projects, workshops, discussion groups, fitness training, and more.

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