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"Youth Unlimited is a vital piece of our community"

"I have loved my time spent volunteering with Youth Unlimited Edmonton. I started volunteering with The Core first, and I later joined the team at The Commons. I have seen so many amazing things in my time spent with YUE, I can honestly say it’s changed my life.

The Core is such an essential piece for the youth in Mill Woods. All the amazing leaders there impact their lives so immensely. The Core provides youth with a safe space to be themselves and flourish, something many of the youth don’t have anywhere else. I have often witnessed youth at The Core state that leaders there are like their parent figures. Many of these youth need these connections we’re building with them. They need someone to be inspired by, and it brings me great honour to be that person.

The Commons is an amazing space located in Terwilliger. The youth there are always eager to learn a new skill and connect with someone new. As a result, I have begun leading a crochet club. The youth have become incredibly passionate about their crochet work. It gives them the opportunity to create and connect, without the pressure of a 1-1 conversation. Many of our youth have used The Commons as a means to express their creativity, and it amazes me every single day. One youth gifted me a small crocheted squid, that I carry around with me everywhere. Another youth drew me a cute cat that’s currently hanging on my fridge. I often wonder what these youth would be doing if I hadn’t decided to commit my time to engage with them, and it brings me such joy that I can be there for them.

The leaders and fellow volunteers working with YUE are extraordinary. Every single person that I work with has something incredible to offer youth. It gives me faith knowing so many brilliant people are committing their time to all youth in Edmonton.

Youth Unlimited is a vital piece of our community. The impact this non-profit is making in communities around Edmonton is amazing and inspiring. I am so glad I’ve gotten to be a part of this journey with YUE."

- Ebony, Volunteer at Youth Unlimited Edmonton

We are immensely thankful for Ebony's steadfast dedication to our organization, and we're excited to keep working together to create a positive impact in the lives of young people in our community.

Our volunteers play a crucial role in making our mission a reality. If you're interested in building relationships with others in your community while contributing to a great cause, please consider filling out a Volunteer Application Package today.

Check out our current Volunteer Opportunities and join us in making a difference!


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