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Join Us on September 23rd for a Day of Action

Get ready for an amazing day on September 23rd as we come together in Edmonton's stunning river valley to Bike, Walk, Skate, Scoot, or just get moving to back our city's youth facing challenges.

You get to pick your preferred distance, anywhere from 5 to 50 kilometers. Take part in making a real change by getting active and offering vital help to empower vulnerable youth in overcoming their difficulties. Start your day with energizing treats like snacks, water, coffee, and revitalizing Gatorade. Enjoy a satisfying lunch and a special gift from Youth Unlimited Edmonton, making this event a thrilling experience with a lasting impact.

Let's unite, get in motion, and uplift Edmonton's at-risk youth like never before! By joining in, you're not only contributing to a fantastic event, but you're also helping to break the cycle of challenges these young individuals face.

Remember, every step, pedal, or glide you take on September 23rd can create a brighter path for a young person's future. So gear up, spread the word, and stand with us as we show our city's vulnerable youth that they have a community rallying behind them. Together, we can shape a more hopeful tomorrow and pave the way for these youth to overcome adversity. Your support makes a difference, and we can't wait to have you join us!


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