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We recently asked our team:

"We know that this pandemic has been hard, but what are some of the Silver Linings you've seen in this past year?"

"My silver lining was being able to meet kids where they are comfortable. Through Discord, a social media platform, kids were more open to sharing casual wins and moment in their lives with us. We saw painted rooms, heard newly learned instruments and self-made "memes". It was an honour to be let into their world in their preferred environment."

-Emily Smith

"In 2020 our programming went from serving 160 kids on average to 10-12. Serving a smaller group of youth has opened up opportunities for depth in conversation that just wasn't there before. We are getting to know these youth on a deeper level and for that I am incredibly grateful!"

- Sheena Groat

"2020 has brought with it a certain amount of freedom. Freedom to slow down and engage in deeper conversations in smaller groups. Freedom to say 'I'm not doing so great'. Freedom to seek support, community and connections. Freedom to simply wade through the trenches together."

- Courtney Basuric

"My silver lining of 2020 would be having a better environment, and having a chance for the world to reset. People are more focused on their family now, it's great and so special. Teens are more connected and involved with their families, and asking for help or guidance from their father or mother because they feel like they can go to them and talk freely because there is more of a connection now. "

-Pamela Smith

"Things over the past year have been changing and challenging but it’s been a good thing in the sense that it has shaken things up a little bit with the way we have been doing things and pushed us out of our comfort zone causing us to lean on God more for His leading and thinking of new ways to reach teens. Some of the things we have tried have failed miserably while other things have worked quite well. Just allowing us to adapt with the times and continue to move forward to do Gods work. Praise God!"

-James Bekecs

"Since Covid began, we've had more interactions with youth that we hadn’t been able to connect with in a while. There's been more consistent daily check ins over our online discord channel. And beyond that, we've even had deeper connections as a team through spending more time together as just the three of us"

-Shaina Roesler


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