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A Donation Without Impacting Your Monthly Budget

Are you wanting to help at-risk youth in Edmonton without impacting your monthly budget?

We can help, and you can turn them into a donation to support at-risk youth in Edmonton! Youth Unlimited is running a LOW EFFORT BOTTLE DRIVE right now. I promise it's easy. You won't even have to leave your house.

SkipTheDepot is a company in Alberta that will pick up your bottles and cans directly from your home or your business location. It’s as easy as making an account with them, scheduling a pickup (be sure to write down your ID on your bags), and place the bags out for pickup when you selected. The great thing about SkipTheDepot is that you can choose Youth Unlimited Edmonton to receive the funds, and you don’t have to do anything else (we both get to skip the trip to the bottle depot entirely).

To donate the funds to Youth Unlimited Edmonton for at-risk youth, set up an online account at and schedule a pickup in just a few easy steps. Please remember, use promo code “YOUTHEDM,” and we will receive 100% of the refund! When scheduling a pickup, it will ask you for the promo code.

We hope to raise $3,000 through our LOW EFFORT BOTTLE DRIVE. This will fund twelve youth in an 8-week Mental Health Course dedicated to providing a peer support group for teens struggling with mental/emotional wellness. We can achieve this goal if 300 of you donate $10 of bottles! That's probably only one bag! Don't have bottles to donate? Like and share our social media posts!

Once you've donated, you will be entered into a contest to win: a $50 gift card to the Keg.

The draw will take place on March 31.


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