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Field Law Community Fund Program

youth cooking

Over the last ten years, the Field Law Community Fund Program has awarded funds to support 128 individuals, organizations, and charitable initiatives throughout Alberta and the Northwest Territories. With $75,000 awarded in 2022, they have donated $760,000 in support of these local projects to date. Back in November, we sent out a request to all of our followers to vote for our Cooking Club program.

We're excited to announce that we've won the Field Law Community Fund Program in their Northern Alberta selection! This means we'll have the support to start a cooking club for 12 weeks this year.

The Cooking Club teaches youth how to make meals for their families, and the youth can take the food home to their families for dinner. At the end of the program, the youth are challenged to budget for a meal, write a grocery list, and cook a meal. If they forget an item, they will have to improvise. This program will alleviate food scarcity and teach the youth valuable life skills.

By providing food, clothing, and a safe space for youth, we are helping the community as a whole through preventative programming and long-term transformation. The youth in our programs stay in school, stay out of trouble, have positive peer and adult connections in the community, and develop long-term life and carrier skills.

Thank you, Field Law and everyone who voted for us in November. We are so grateful!


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