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Snack Drive for Youth Unlimited

Integrity Seminars is a local personal development company. In one of their programs, they ask that students go out and support the local community. Brittany P., a student in the program, decided to run a snack drive for Youth Unlimited for over a month. She involved several companies in helping be a snack drop-off spot and aid with the snack drive. Tons of food was donated, and we are so grateful. The estimated value is around $1,200.00 for snacks for the youth!

Are you interested in running a snack drive for Youth Unlimited? The first step is to find a company or place where you can have a drop-off spot for the snacks. It should have public access so people can quickly drop off items. If you are hosting an event, you could request the attendees/guests to bring a food item. If you work out of a business with lots of public access, you could use that as a drop-off spot. Once you have a place, you must provide a large labeled box for the items to be dropped in. Then you can start promoting your snack drive. You can share it on your social media and the business's social media and put up a few posters around the area.

You can make a massive difference in the lives of those in need! If you need help with the design, contact Niki at She can also help support you with this fundraiser.


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